7 things to do in Vung Tau

Let's Beetrip explore 7 types of popular activities to do in Vung Tau - a coastal city 100 km away from HCMC, famous for its gentle beaches and warm water.

Vung Tau where to go?

Vung Tau where to go? The following 6 attractions are the reasons why you have never been bored when talking about Vung Tau tourism. Let's explore Beetrip with one of the best coastal cities in Vietnam.

The list of top 5 hotels in Vung Tau for tourists

The demand for accommodation of tourists in Vung Tau is not low. Hotels here are constantly expanding and improving the quality to meet the high requirements in the eyes of international visitors.Typically the top 5 best hotels in Vung Tau below

Vung Tau Cuisine - A Paradise For Seafood Lovers

Vung Tau is not only well-known by its stunning coastlines, but also a paradise for any seafood lovers. If you are seeking distinct food cultures of Vietnam, then Vung Tau is definitely an ideal destination for you to visit and try out all tasty local dishes around here.