What To Buy In Vietnam: Best Souvenirs For Tourists

What To Buy In Vietnam: Best Souvenirs For Tourists

Find out the best souvenirs to bring home to your friends and beloved one during your stay in Vietnam. We have sorted out the 8 most favourite gifts which is the most suitable for tourists

  1. Leaf cones

The leaf cones is a symbol of the culture of the Vietnamese people, for a country with wet rice civilization. The leaf cones appeared in Vietnam from the middle of the 13th century and have been attached to Vietnamese people, especially farmers, from the past to the present. The Vietnamese woman wore a leaf cone like a beautiful image of a gentle and dreamy. Not just a symbolic gift, the leaf cones also has an effective function and indispensable item of Vietnamese people.


Vietnamese cones are cleverly decorated, displayed for sale in tourist areas which are small gifts with charming features of Vietnam. , loved by international friends.

  1. Ao Dai

The Vietnamese Ao Dai is world-famous for its unique design, which helps to enhance the available beauty of women, making them more attractive. The Ao Dai became a national costume and was one of the typical souvenirs of Vietnam.

Many foreign tourists who come to Vietnam like Ao Dai very much and have ordered some clothes to bring back.


  1. Wood clogs

Just like the traditional ao dai and conical hats, the wood clogs are small, simple but enough to imprint throughout the Vietnamese national culture.  Wood clogs are delicate, exuding a rustic, simple beauty like the Vietnamese people. When combining Ao Dai, leaf cones and wood clogs, images of Vietnamese girls are extremely charming. Therefore, a pair of wood clogs are sought by many foreigners as gifts, and this is also considered as one of the souvenirs most loved by foreigners when coming to Vietnam.


  1. Silk

There are many shops or production facilities that sell pure silk, made from 100% natural silk. This kind of luxurious and precious material has a great value and this is also considered a valuable gift when tourists come to Vietnam to buy for relatives and friends.


  1. Painting hand embroidery

Painting-hand embroidery is often inspired by nature, daily life, or even portraits of buyers. Tourists who come to Vietnam can also give themselves a gift in which the content and ideas are conveyed to the artists by them. After a short time of about 1 week, customers were able to receive their souvenir. For that reason, painting hand-embroidered often have a high value.


  1. Sand picture

Sand painting is considered one of the national items and is the pride of the Vietnamese people. This is also one of the souvenirs that many international tourists would love to buy when coming to Vietnam. Sand paintings are valuable because it was made very meticulous, an elaborate artefact of the workers. They aim to be artisans who blew the soul into tiny grains of sand into unique and soulful works.


  1. Souvenirs from bamboo and rattan

In addition to rice, bamboo is also a tree symbolizing the spirit and will of Vietnamese people and country. Many bamboo souvenirs in Vietnam attract the attention of international visitors: the bookmark (bookmark page), decorative lights, cosmetic containers, trays …

Moreover, the bamboo items are decorated, carved into beautiful pictures of Vietnamese villages and landscapes, images of famous landscapes and monuments in Vietnam.


  1. Souvenirs from brocade

Brocade patterns are very eye-catching and colourful embroidering by hand, which contains both the soul and the love of home country, the image of grass and flowers, the living scenes of the Vietnamese people making many tourists love and buy as gifts. As a result, brocade products are not only popular with ethnic people in the high mountains but also become an "expensive" commodity in most of Vietnam's tourist resorts.


Posted by Huy Pham | Tue, Sep 05, 2023