Top Places To Check In For Tourists In Da Nang

Top Places To Check In For Tourists In Da Nang

You must have seen the Golden Bridge with two giants holding the bridge somewhere on the Internet and wonder where it is. The answer is in one of the options for tourists visiting Vietnam – Da Nang city. 


Da Nang is one of the most renowned tourist cities in Vietnam and it has never disappointed the travellers until now. Long coast with romantic beach and stunning architecture have been attracting numerous visitors each year. This city has also been voted as the most liveable city in Vietnam.

The city has several well-constructed bridges, especially the Dragon Bridge.

Dragon bridge photos

Ba Na Hills: Mentioning about Da Nang, lots of people will definitely think about Ba Na Hills – one of the most attractive and striking places in Da Nang. Sitting on the cable car, you will travel through 5,801m to get to the peak of Ba Na Hills. Afterwards, you will be able to witness and enjoy the stunning scenery here. Besides, you will also wallow in the fresh atmosphere here.

Getting lost in the heaven of Ba Na Hills, you can take heaps of lovely photos and immerse yourself in the vibes here. Apart from the romantic French architecture, Ba Na Hills also offer you luxurious services, such as Le Jardin D’Amour garden, Fantasy Park – amusement park, Debay wine cellar, the wax museum, secret garden, etc.


Photos of stunning Golden Bridge, having two giants’ hands also attract lots of tourists. Particularly, the bridge was once published on Street Art Globe’s Instagram, which is a well-known page. This has affirmed the attractiveness of this piece of art.

Love Bridge

The next attractive destination is the Love Bridge, which is famous among the other bridges in Da Nang. Like the Namsan tower in Korea and other lovely destinations in the world, the Love Bridge has brought a romantic vibe to the visitors.


Hai Van pass

Situated between Hue and Da Nang, Hai Van pass is gorgeous but dangerous. The view looks absolutely amazing from above with a lot of long white cloud, forest trees, and cliff. What an epic scenery! Because of this, many youngsters coming here to take memorable photos.


Ngu Hanh Son mountain

Ngu Hanh Son is about 8km from Da Nang to the Southeast. The mountain is a combination of beautiful scenery and valuable culture. There are some places that you cannot miss when visiting this place, including Huyen Khong cave, Am Phu cave, Van Thong cave, and Tam Thai temple.


Posted by Thuan | Wed, Sep 06, 2023