10 Attractions to explore Da Lat at night

10 Attractions to explore Da Lat at night

Do not let your Dalat adventure be only known for Dalat night market, shopping activities or walking around Xuan Huong lake. On this post, 10 places in Da Lat is the best to discover at night.

1) Lam Vien Square

Lam Vien Square is the most spectacular construction of the city of thousands flowers- Da Lat. The most prominent among the green spaces of Dalat entertainment venue this evening are 2 glass works which are considered the current architectural masterpieces. It was the works of Hoa Da Quy and Bud Flower Artisans, which almost everyone visited Dalat and had to check in.

Lam Vien Square - Dalat

Lam Vien Square shimmered in the sunset light

Every evening, the square is a place to attract people with lots of interesting games and unique dishes such as: Kite flying; rollerblading; Eat baked rice paper; soy milk, ...


2) Night flower garden

The night flower garden is well-known place to have fun in Da Lat in the evening. This is also a place that you can only find in Da Lat. Da Lat flower garden is actually Thai Phien flower village. Every night, people grow flowers by light electricity which shining a whole area.

Light-valley-in-DalatLight valley in Dalat

One of the best place to watch beautiful night view of flower garden is the Cafe Valley of Lights. The Cafe Valley of Lights is a cafe garden located on an area of about 800 meters square. The shop is designed primarily in a greenhouse style with a green and fresh garden inside.

A big plus point for this place is a cup of coffee made from pure coffee beans of Cau Dat so it still retains its inherent deliciousness and richness. In addition to coffee, Cafe valley of Lights also serves more soft drinks, especially those made from strawberries at home gardens. You can also buy yourself mountain specialties for your loved ones when you come here.

Address: Slope No. 7, Highway 20, Ward 11, TP. Da Lat.


3) Da Lat Night Market

Da Lat night market is a place for night entertainment in Dalat that you can savour Vietnamese culinary. The night market is located in the heart of Dalat city, along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. In addition, for shopping you can come here to enjoy many delicacies specialty mountain town. You can also experience Da Lat street art like portraits sketching services by young artists.

Da-Lat-night-marketDa Lat night market is bustling at night

The food in Da Lat are variously made to also suits the taste and the cold night weather in Dalat. Sipping a hot cup of tea or a cup of soy milk is great. You should also pay a visit to the market which opens from 7PM-2AM.


4) The Art street Yersin

If you want to find an evening of artistic space in Da Lat, you can go to Yersin Art Street. Yersin Art Street is located at Nguyen Trai, Yersin T-junction and the entrance to Dalat College of Education. In this place, there are many art activities on a weekly basis such as street music, art exhibitions, photography, antiques market ...

Yesin-Art-Street- DalatYesin Art Street

Yersin Art Street opens from 8am to 7pm every Saturday. There are many different topics about art each week, so don't miss the venue for a night out in Dalat this evening if you come here on weekends.


5) Vibrant night in Da Lat with bars and pubs

If you are looking for a vivacious, you should visit the bars and pubs in Dalat. Each bar in Da Lat has a different taste from music style to drinks making style. If you are a classic style lover, Woody Classic will be a great place to stop. V- Club Bar is a Vietnamese bar or visit Rain Night Club to experience the ultra-modern design space according to international trends ... The prices at the bars are also different. You can easily find yourself a bar in Dalat at a price of only VND 50,000.

Dalat-barSpace at a bar in Dalat


6) Thang Ba cafe shop - a place to see Dalat Eiffel Tower

Da Lat romance places must include the cafe in March. Considered the most romantic cafe in Da Lat and when you visit, feel free to relax, the troublesome sent back in the fragrant coffee cups. March coffee shop with Rustic style of 60s originated from Northern Europe. Furniture in the restaurant is mainly rustic wood furniture that brings a simple feeling but extremely subtle. With the Thang Ba Cafe Shop, every moment contains a story, each cup of coffee has its sharing.

Thang-Ba-cafe-shop-DalatThang Ba cafe shop

When the night comes, the mountain town sinks in the misty air and the temperature is low. At this Cafe shop with soft jazz songs, the outside of the door still has the sound of birds and rustling broom leaves. From the shop looking straight out you can see the bell of the chicken church (the cathedral) and the TV station compared as Eiffel Paris in Dalat.

Thang-Ba-cafe-shop-DalatWatch the Eiffel Tower from Thang Ba cafe shop

Among the good places in the bustling night out, there is nothing like being able to drink warm coffee together, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the small restaurant in the middle of the hill.

Address: No. 4 - Dong Da - Ward 3 - tp. Da Lat.


7) 24/24 Route 66 cafe shop

Route 66 Cafe is the place for you to jump through the night. Route 66 is a brand new café that opened in early May 2018 in Dalat. Space of Route scored by peace, gentleness and a little nostalgic very Da Lat. Beautiful glitter is off the table but the special route is the first and only coffee shop in Dalat currently open 24 hours.

Cafe-shop-Route-66-DalatCafe shop 24/24: Route 66

It is very suitable for travelers waiting for cars and those who simply cannot sleep at night. If you always look at Dalat at night or go to the city early in the morning, this will definitely be the ideal place to stop by. The shop is selling all kinds of food and drinks with no artifacial. All food safety is ensure. Teh shope also uses bamboo straws instead of plastic ones to preserve the environment.

Address: 66 Thi Sach, Da Lat.

8) Da Lat night

You will have peaceful and romantic moments when sipping drinks combining scenic views of Da Lat city from the panoramic view from above.

Space-in-Da-Lat-nightSpace in Da Lat night

Dalat Night is located at No. 4 Dong Da, on a high hill open from 7:30 to 22:30 daily. Here, you can unleash your eyes away and collect the whole city in the mist. In the coldness of Da Lat night, you sip a cup of warm coffee, just enjoy melodious music and drop your soul into the fantasy beauty of the foggy city. It will surely become one of the most unforgettable moments in your visit to Dalat.

Address: 04 Dong Da, Ward 3, Da Lat City.


9) Night camp in Dalat

The venue for evening outings in Da Lat overnight cannot be excluded from the night camp sites. Enjoy a wild and peaceful night of Dalat when you visit camp tours or prepare yourself for your picnic. Immerse yourself in the pure nature, enjoy the early wind, the night dew in Dalat with the scent of grass and flowers with friends or the person is definitely great impressions.

Organize-camps-with-friends-in-DalatOrganize camps with friends in Dalat

A lot of Da Lat campsites you can experience. Tuyen Lam Lake area is safe and convenient, Da Phu hill or LangBiang peak is a camping spot to welcome the beautiful sunrise. In addition, other beautiful night camps such as: Langbiang Peak, Dinh Hon Bo, Doi Thien Phuc Duc, Lonely Pine Tree, ...

Enjoy-Dalat-night-whEnjoy Dalat night when camping night


10) Go to the evening of Xuan Huong Lake

Ho Xuan Huong is one of Da Lat's most well-known attractions. Unlike the lively day, Ho Xuan Huong was much quieter and quieter at night. When night falls, Hồ Xuân Hương seems to be wearing a new shirt with full of sparkling colors.


xuan-huong-lake-dalat-at-nightEnjoy the beauty of Xuan Huong Lake Dalat at night

The choice of a pair of bicycles to go around Xuan Huong Lake is a wonderful experience for you. There are many dreamy cafes shops near Xuan Huong lake so you can sip a coffee and watch romantic mountain streets at night.

The above great places are enough to excite you to coming to Da Lat, wearing a warm coat, a scarf and visiting Dalat at night. You are planning to come here, have you planned your schedule yet? Let us help you build an interesting Dalat tour schedule that suits your time and cost.

Posted by Sophia Doe | Mon, Aug 07, 2023