Unravel A Cambodian Market in Saigon

Unravel A Cambodian Market in Saigon

Have you ever heard about Indochina, which consists of different countries – Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia. This is one of the reasons why the three nations have similar characteristics, including Asian cultures, religions, and cuisines.


Visiting Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, apart from the traditional Vietnamese cuisine, the city can also offer you plenty of other kinds of food from Asian to Western cuisines. This is because Ho Chi Minh City is a multicultural city, where many people coming from different places settling down. One of the main attractions to tourists visiting the city is the Cambodian Market. As the name has mentioned its own characteristics, the market, located in District 10, offering various delicious Cambodian – Vietnamese street food. In fact, walking into the market, you will be able to see how busy it is because there are hundreds of people visiting the Cambodian Market every day.


The market is where many vendors selling not only fully-cooked food but also dried ones. The following mouth-watering dishes should be on your checklist when coming here.


Seafood noodle soup


The texture of the noodles is chewy and the broth is flavourful due to the sweetness coming from the seafood, such as clam, fish cake, and other kinds of mussels. You will not feel the fishy smell in the dish because of the spicy and herb the vendor has put in there.


Next stop will be Vietnamese grilled rice paper (Banh Trang Nuong). This is a kind of rice paper Vietnamese people usually use to make spring rolls and summer rolls. However, they grill the rice paper to make this dish. On top of the rice paper, they will put some eggs, spring onions, sausages, pork floss, corn, and heaps of sauce, as well as spice. You better try to see how crunchy the texture is.


The third recommended dish when visiting this market is Nem Nuong. This one if well-known to Indochina residents owing to its unique recipe. This is a type of mixture made by using minced pork and other spices. After moulding it into a nice shape, they will grill it and the smell of the dish is amazing.


Furthermore, there are various desserts that you must try, in which one of them is the Cambodian sweet soup. The dessert is a great mixture of condensed coconut milk and many types of fruits which is all put in a small bowl of full flavours.


The following photos are some of the other featured street food which is well-known in Vietnam that you have to give it a go when having a holiday in Vietnam.


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Posted by Mia | Mon, Aug 07, 2023