A Guide to Currency in Vietnam

A Guide to Currency in Vietnam

Traveling to another country can sometimes require you to get to know and prepare a lot of things. One of the most common questions tourists usually ask when they come to Vietnam is related to the currency. You may notice that the currency in the country is usually used in a big amount. For instance, you can easily buy a Big Mac in McDonald’s with only $3.99 USD. The burger, nevertheless, is about 75,000 VND in McDonald’s Vietnam. This is because the currency of Vietnam is weaker than other developed countries’ currencies. You may find this is an advantage for tourists coming from developed countries due to this issue.


In term of currency exchange, you can exchange $3.99 USD with about 92,000 VND, which means you are able to buy a Big Mac and even a Vietnamese baguette (Banh Mi) in Vietnam. Moreover, with that amount of money, people, including locals and tourists can fill their stomachs up to 3 portions of Vietnamese dishes. Living costs in Vietnam are quite lower than others. $1 USD, which is approximately 23,000 VND, can be used to buy a fulfilled meal in Vietnam. This could be unbelievable to you, but it is actually true.


Regarding currency exchange places, tourists can exchange money at many counters at the airports, or currency exchange shops at tourist districts and city centers. Normally, the exchange rate in these shops will be a lot better than the rates at the airports.

Posted by Thuan | Tue, Sep 05, 2023