Tips for Motorbike Passengers

Tips for Motorbike Passengers

Vietnam is a densely populated country and locals mainly use motorbikes for their transport. For the first-time visitors, this is astonishing due to the vibrancy of cities having millions of motorbikes. Therefore, travelling in big cities of Vietnam seems to be very challenging for foreigners. Some tips listed below may help you to be on a motorbike with ease.  

  1. Riding with a local

The locals can show you how to ride properly and know how to solve problems when it arises, such as lost, broken motorbikes, or even issues with policeman due to driving rules in Vietnam.


  1. Wearing a proper helmet

Everyone must wear a helmet when they are riding or sitting at the back of scooters. A good helmet here costs less than $50.

  1. Approaching the motorbike and hopping on

Approaching and hopping on the bike from the left side. Please do not step on the foot pedal to hop on the motorbike. Otherwise, you will make the whole motorbike fall aside.


  1. Do not wear jewellery or valuables

It is not recommended to wear expensive jewellery while ridding around. Smartphones or cameras should not be used during the ride. You can take some quick photos, videos whilst stopping for a traffic light with packed traffic and do not forget to look around.


  1. Keeping your entire body in proximity to the bike

Your arms and legs should not be sticking out, since the traffic is quite chaotic and other drivers can accidentally hit them. Using both hands to grab the back of the bike or holding on the local guide’s shoulders during the ride. Regarding your feet and legs, they should be placed properly onto the foot pedals and not hang on the sides of the motorbike.


Posted by Thuan | Tue, Sep 05, 2023