Safety tips for foreigners in Saigon

Safety tips for foreigners in Saigon

Vietnam is a beautiful and multi-cultural country located in South-East Asia, has recently attracted lots of visitors. Travelers usually choose Saigon to visit when they come to Vietnam for the first time. Saigon is the largest and busiest city of the whole nation with the population of over 9 million. Below are some useful travel tips which are definitely necessary for you.


The traffic in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City is quite crowded due to over 4 million motorbikes travelling around the city daily. Thus, you need to be careful while riding or walking on the streets, especially during rush hours. Riding your motorbike slowly to avoid unexpected issues and obey the traffic rules even when there is no policeman.



Saigon has two seasons: dry season and rainy season. The dry season starts in December and lasts until next April. At that time, Saigon is hot and humid with plenty of sunshine hours. The average temperature is 27 degrees celsius, the highest temperature is in April, which is up to 30.5 degrees celsius. Dry season is a perfect period to explore Vietnamese culture and experience the vibrancy of the city.  Remember to carry hats, sunglasses and sunscreen before going outside. At night, the weather becomes more pleasant to endure and it is time to chill out. Wandering around and drinking some beer at Bui Vien Walking Street will be a great choice for an evening in Saigon.  


If you are a person who enjoy rainning, you can choose the rainy season to visit the city. Do not forget to carry raincoats or umbrellas with you. It can suddenly rain and stop right after that. From July to September, it is a heavily rainy season. You can depend on the advice above to choose the right time to visit Saigon.

Water and food

The Vietnamese cuisine is so diverse and delicious, especially the street food. But if this is the first time you have travelled to Vietnam, some kinds of food may make your stomach sick. Some traditional ones like fish sauce or vegetable pickles are tasty to Vietnamese, but a little bit challenging to try for foreigners. When it comes to water, you should drink mineral water instead of tap water and do not forget to bring some types of essential medicines beforehand.



Saigon is a relatively safe destination for foreign travelers since the country is quite stable. However, as other cities of the world, you need to be alert with thieves and crimes during your trip. Travelers often turn to be victims because of bag and smart phone snatchers. This is the most serious and common problem in the country. Please kindly get noticed with your own valuable things. Keep your eyes on your own belongings. Also, expensive cameras are possibly stolen or robbed. Women should not wear jewellry to stay safe.



  You should research some information about  Saigon prior to the trip on websites, facebook or ask someone who has been there. The tour guide or hotel staff can give you some good advice. Do not forget the hotel address and emergency telephone numbers during the journey. You can take a note and put it in your pocket.


These tips above may help you to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Most Saigonese are very friendly and helpful. If you unfortunately have some troubles, feel free to ask the locals or hotel staff for their help. Saigon offers you plenty of interesting things to discover and experience.

Posted by Huy Pham | Tue, Sep 05, 2023