How To Order Snails In Vietnamese Restaurants

How To Order Snails In Vietnamese Restaurants

As a follower of street food, you should not miss the opportunity to experience street snails when visiting Vietnam. The Snail Shop is one of the places loved by most local people to drink and chat with friends after working hours. In previous topics, Beetrip has suggested to you interesting places to enjoy Snails in Saigon. So when you reach the restaurant, how should you call snails and what are delicious dishes made from snails that most Saigon people love? Keep exploring with Beetrip.


  1. Snails fried with butter and garlic

The snail will be fried together with butter, minced garlic, minced chilli and a little spice to give the aroma. Adding a few coriander leaves will make the platter look eye-catching and attractive.


  1. Snails fried with tamarind juice

Snails are chosen to be stout, chubby and fried with minced garlic and tamarind juice. You will enjoy the sweet and sour taste of tamarind juice, the sweet and tough of snails, add a bit of fried fat and peanuts to wake up the delicious and delicious aroma of the dish.

  1. Woollen snails stir fried in coconut sauce

Snail is fried together with coconut milk and fat milk. Each large woollen snail has been punched with a hole in the screw when you eat, you just need to use the mouth to suck and the snail will get into your mouth with the fat taste of coconut milk. What a great experience to try.

  1. Snails roasted with chilli and salt

Snails will be roasted with chilli and salt. The salty taste of sea salt, the spicy and spicy taste of chilli will stimulate the taste buds and be even more wonderful when combined with a cool beer.

  1. Garlic snail fried with chilli salt

Garlic snail is large, lots of meat combined with grilled salt and chillies will wake up the aroma difficult to resist. The right way to eat is to get snail with a little salt and pepper and keep the remaining water inside the shell. You will fully enjoy all the flavours in the oral cavity.

Other shells dishes


  1. Scallops grilled with spring onions and peanuts

This is a popular way of processing and it is very popular with gourmet dinners. The scallops are grilled on charcoal fire when they are about to be cooked, add some onions, wait a few minutes and then bring them to a plate, and put some peanuts roasted on top.

  1. Clams steamed with lemongrass, chilli

Clams are fresh and sweet are cooked with fresh lemongrass and chilli to add some spicy flavour. The dish has a characteristic sweet taste from clams, a passionate fragrance of lemongrass. Add a few coriander stalks to increase the aroma and enjoy it when it's hot.

  1. Oysters grilled with cheese

Choose big and fresh oysters putting on the grill, add cheese and bake for a few minutes (do not bake too long) and enjoy as soon as when it is still hot to feel the fat and sweet taste in harmony with each other. This is also one of the very popular dishes and will guarantee you a very interesting experience.

  1. Experiment with balut

If you've loved the culinary experience, don't skip the balut when you're in Vietnam. Sauce include pepper and salt, cumquat and a little chilli stimulate taste. Duck flakes are served with sauce and shady vegetables. An interesting alternative is fetal duck egg de-shelled and fried in sweet-sour tamarind sauce.

Posted by Thuan | Wed, Sep 06, 2023