Unforgettable Culinary Experience In Mekong Delta

Unforgettable Culinary Experience In Mekong Delta

The Mekong rivers is known as a rich land along the two rivers Tien and Hau river with rice fields, charming rivers, variety of fruits as well as the citizens are honest and hospitable. Mekong Delta promises to bring you new and unique culinary experiences

Sesbania Flower Soup

Sesbania Flower Soup

When it comes to cuisine in Mekong Delta, you have to try the “ canh chua bông điên điển “ -Điên Điển Flower Soup or Sesbania sesban flower soup which is a familiar dish for locals.


You should visit chau Đoc - An Giang once in a lifetime which is not only famous Famous for Bun Ca dish but also well-known for soup Điên Điển flower and stop at Bay Bong 2 restaurant located at Trung Vuong Nu street, connecting the road 2000 to enjoy Sesbania Sesban flower soup which has been Passed down from more than three generations but still remains the same this is the best place here.

Sesbania Sesban Flowers

Sesbania Sesban flowers must be picked in the twilight when the flowers have just Bloomed to keep the sweetness of flowers during cooking

Adding abit of sourness of tamarind together with chilli peppers and it will be a miss if forgetting herbs and mint.

In particular, soup Điên Điển flower must be cooked together . With fresh fish or sea bass fish that caught in river.

This combination is a promising dish to attract visitors from the very first taste.  

Sim - The special liquor of Phu Quoc

If you are a fan of seafood, you should go to Phu Quoc Island where it is famous for the beautiful scenery and full of fresh air which you cannot find in other busy cities. Do not forget to try the special liquor called “Sim”. 


Sim is known for two types: pink sim with purple pink and Another is darker People often use pink sim to make alcohol because pink sim smells better and tastes sweetter when you drink you will feel the acrid taste in your tongue but in few seconds you will be ecstatic with the sweetness of alcohol.


The liquor is used to make cocktails to make cocktail. In addition, the alcohol is very good for and improve blood circulatory which enhance sleeping habits. Therefore it is popular as a gift.

Nam Roi Pomelo - The Famous Specialty of Vinh Long

If you want to learn about the origin of the fruits, you should visit Vinh Long which is famous for “Nam Roi pomelo“. The pomelo has a shape of pear, thin skin and white flesh and it tastes like a sweet mild grapefruit. Its weight is around 1.2 kg - 1.4 kg.


The pomelo is sweet with nice scent which you cannot stop eating. You can eat directly or squeeze into water to drink and it is good for health.

Ben Tre's Coconuts

There is an interesting thing when you visit Ben Tre, you will enjoy the long lines of coconut trees and will be surprised to know thatPeople use all parts of the coconut trees to make food and gifts.


You can drink coconut water or you can use it as an ingredient for baking, making jam and candy. coconut jam and coconut candy. Or coconut trunk will be made of fine art such as hats, bags,and sandals.  Furthermore, coconut leaves are also used to Decorate wedding gate

The local people will show you how to create an art masterpiece for yourself or for your loved ones. Is it interesting?

Let’s choose the best places for yourself to experience completely Vietnam!

Posted by Thuan | Wed, Sep 06, 2023