Traveling in Hoi An: Where to eat?

Traveling in Hoi An: Where to eat?

To plan a thoughtful plan for your travel, you often have to prepare a lot of things, right. Besides finding out where to hang out and where to rest, the question of where to eat is equally important. Especially for those who are planning to visit Hoi An, the ancient city of Vietnam, really needs to pay attention to where to eat in Hoi An so as not to miss the unique dishes that are only available in This old town only.

Besides the famous tourist attractions, one thing that tourists are extremely interested in when traveling to Hoi An is cuisine. What to eat? where to eat in Hoi An? Where to sell delicious, nutritious and cheapest food in Hoi An? etc. are the most frequently asked questions of travelers about Hoi An cuisine.

1. Bread

You are recommended to try Phuong Bread (Address: 2B Phan Chau Trinh Street, Hoi An City) and Madam Khanh Bread (Address: 115 Tran Cao Van Street, Hoi An City). These are two bakeries that are rated by domestic and foreign visitors as "the best in the world". The bread of both mandarins is very varied, even the vegetables are many as well. A special feature that helps these two bakeries cling to customers is their esoteric sauce. This sauce is made by the owner on her own, and only the heiress of the bakery will know. 

Phuong breadPhuong Bread - Banh mi Phuong

Madam Khanh breadMadam Khanh bread - Banh mi Madam Khanh

2. Cao Lau Hoi An

According to tips to visit Hoi An, when referring to the cuisine of Hoi An, no one does not think of Cao Lau Hoi An. Cao Lau is considered a specialty of Hoi town. That’s why visitors to Hoi An always want to try the taste of this delicacy once. Cao Lau is a specialty that has existed for a long time ago. Although going through many periods with the change of social environment, the old town people here still retain the traditional features and very unique flavors that are nowhere to be found.

cao lau hoi an

If you have the opportunity to visit Hoi An, please try it once. 

  • Cao Lau: 26 Thai Phien, Hoi An.
  • Cao Lau Khong Gian Xan: 687 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An.
  • Cao Lau Lien: 9 Thai Phien, Hoi An 

3. Wet cake rolls barbecue - Where to eat in Hoi An

Visitors to Hoi An who have tried wet meat rolls will hardly forget its taste. This dish makes tourists impressive thanks to the secret of marinating meat and how to make the rich sauce. The thin, white piece of wet cakes are neatly wrapped up and filled with filling. This dish has a deep yellow-brown cockroach wing of barbecue, green interrupts the vegetables. The fleshy taste, the fat, the cool, crunchy taste. All blended with the rich flavor of sauces. The taste is smooth from the tip of the tongue to the throat. 

Wet cake rolls barbecue

Some famous address in Hoi An:

  • The intersection of Hai Ba Trung and Tran Hung Dao
  • Along the banks of Hoai River
  • Tran Phu, Hoi An

4. Dap Cake - Oysters Mix - Corn Sweet Soup

Certainly, those who love Southern cuisine are no stranger to Dap Cake, but eating Dap Cake with Oysters Mix is only available in Hoi An. In addition to this dish, you should not miss the Hoi An Corn Sweet Soup because Dap Cake - Oysters Mix - Corn Sweet Soup is the combo that always comes together. 

Dap Cake - Oysters Mix - Corn Sweet Soup

Traveling to Hoi An, you should enjoy a mix of Dap Cake - Oysters Mix - Corn Sweet Soup at 

  • Ben Tre - Banh Dap Hen Xao: 98/1 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoi An
  • Cam Nam - Banh Dap Hen Xao: 679 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An
  • Co Ngay - Banh Dap Hen Xao: Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hoi An

5. Banh xeo (Pancakes) Hoi An

It is a dish that has long been familiar to Vietnamese people because it can enjoy pancakes everywhere. However, why we list this dish to where to eat in Hoi An? Because Hoi An Pancake has something very unique to people in Hoai River. From the selection of ingredients to make dough or filling the cakes are very thorough. The stages of preparation or processing bring the mind of the people here. That's why Hoi An Pancake is like wearing its own brand. It is difficult to confuse with specialties in other lands.

Banh xeo hoi an

Address of Famous Hoi An Pancake In Hoi An:

  • Hai Dao Hoi An Pancakes: 160 Ly Thai To, Cam Chau, Hoi An.
  • Ms. Anh - Hoai River Pancakes: 59/32 Street August 18, Hoi An
  • Hai Son Pancake: 147 Ly Thai To, Hoi An.

To understand all the beauty of Hoi An, you have to enjoy all the typical dishes of Hoi An. And do not forget to take notes again where to eat in Hoi An to enjoy all the delicacies of Hoi An. Try it and feel it your own way. Have a great trip to Hoi An!

Posted by Sophia Doe | Mon, Aug 07, 2023