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All of things about Hoi An

Hoi An - First look

Hoi An retains the atmosphere of the past centuries attracting heaps of visitors. Hoi An travel has leaped to welcome more tourists in recent years with the development in hotels and restaurants. There is an abundance of Hoi An tours and daily tours operated in an increasing number to give tourists the best Hoi An excursions ever. So, if you’re heading to Hoi An in the next trip, get set and learn everything about Hoi An.

Vietnam Hoi An locates on the time zone of GMT+7. If you want to check the current time in Hoi An, please click here. Hoi An hour follows the restriction of the government, which has the common working hour from 7 am to 10 pm. A daily tour from/to Hoi An usually takes place early in the morning and ends after sunset.

If this is your first time visiting this city and wondering how long to spend in Hoi An or how many days in Hoi An is best, you may check with your schedule and take references from a Hoi An travel agency or a Hoi An travel blog.

In a typical Hoi An tour, here are a few activities people often take part in:

  • Hoi An boat trip
  • Hoi An city tour
  • Hoi An day trips
  • Hoi An free walking tour
  • Hoi An kayak tours
  • Hoi An memories show
  • Hoi An motorbike tours
  • Hoi An sightseeings
  • Hoi An food tours

It’s not too hard to find Hoi An free local tours if you are a cordial fellow. But to guarantee you the best Hoi An tour, please book a tour operator in Vietnam and enjoy the ancient town at its best.

Coming to Vietnam

Many still wonder what country Hoi An is in? It is a city in the central part of Vietnam and in many lists of Vietnam tourist attractions.

For people who first come to Vietnam, they mostly arrive at Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang or Ha Noi. Vietnam Hoi An is just 30 km from Da Nang.  So, it makes sense to visit Da Nang first, then find things to do in Hoi An city later.

It would be better if you have contacted Vietnam tour operators to arrange you a trip from top-to-toe. In particular, an agency will help you with Vietnam WIFI rental, transportation, Vietnamese tour guides, and design Hoi An city tours for you.

To ensure your best Vietnam trip, keep these local emergency numbers in your note:

  • Police: 113
  • Fire: 114
  • Ambulance – First Aid: 115
  • Weather forecast: 1080
  • Domestic long-distance telephone service: 101
  • International telephone service: 110
  • General information service: 1080
  • Law Consultancy service: 1088
  • Phone number inquiries: 116

Beetrip’s Hoi An tour – Your trusted Vietnam private tour agency

Coming to Beetrip, you get nothing but surprise and the highest expectation. We have been conducting Hoi An tours with tailored trips including self-guided bike tour Hoi An, Vespa tour Hoi An, My Son tour from Hoi An, and many more tours from Hoi An.

Beetrip takes care of your journey and ensures your travel in Hoi An an unforgettable memory.

How to get to Hoi An

To visit Hoi An, there are multiple ways but depending on where you are landing. Check out the transportation guide below to begin your Hoi An trip with no confusion.

Probably you choose Da Nang to land. So, how to get from Da Nang to Hoi An?

Da Nang and Hoi An are not far from each other. So, it’s possible to rest in Da Nang and take Hoi An city tours one day.

Taxi is another common means to move to Hoi An from Da Nang. Please note down these numbers of Taxi services in Da Nang to call yourself a cab stress-free.

  • Mai Linh Taxi: +84 511 352 5252
  • Vinasun Taxi: +84 511 368 6868
  • Song Han Taxi: +84 511 372 7272
  • Tien Sa Da Nang Taxi: +84 511 379 7979
  • The average price for a cab to Hoi An is anywhere from $15 USD to $30 USD. Remember to ask the driver to turn on the meter or haggle your fixed price before getting yourself seated.

If you rent a motorbike, it will take you 45 minutes to drive from Da Nang to Hoi An. In case you will commute directly from the Airport, seek an airport transfer service that costs around $20 USD to $30 USD for a one-way trip. To stay safe, Beetrip offers you a transfer service at a local price that will take you from any pick-up location to the exact destination. Just make a reservation here and let us do the rest.

If you take a Hue to Hoi An tour, you can go on in a private car. But with a distance from up to 120 km, private transport may not be a budget choice. There are many Hoi An tour operators provide VIP bus services directly from Hue to Hoi An that only charges you around $20  USD.

From Ho Chi Minh City, the fastest to reach Hoi An is to fly to Da Nang. Then, you can follow the suggestions above to travel to Hoi An.

Hoi An highlights

It’s hard to describe the beauty of Hoi An in words while there are endless things to do and places to visit here. Let’s count some of Hoi An top attractions into which you will get yourself indulged.

The Ancient Town

The ancient town of Hoi An lies on the Thu Bon river with a vast majority of landscapes that separate the place from any other Vietnam top attractions. It is an exceptionally well-preserved historical trading port of Southeast Asia.

Walking on the streets snaking their ways through the precinct in the morning is just one way to appreciate the awesomeness of Hoi An partly. Morning is lso the time you can take the definitive brightness into your Hoi An photos, making them envious pieces of art.

When nights fall, the town becomes a realm of lanterns. There are hundreds of glowing lights giving the nightlife a unique sense of peace blending in the occupation.

My Son Sanctuary

Among the top things to see in Hoi An, My Son is a historical site that presents the spiritual origins of Indian Hinduism migrated to Vietnam between the 4th and 13th centuries.

The place consists of a series of 800 tower-temples that are the remains of what was once the religious and political center of the Champa Kingdom. In My Son, you can find the trail to Meru mountain where the water flows from its foot mythically becomes a holy stream before pouring into the river.

On this dramatic site of My Son, you will perceive the prodigies of building bricks of the ancient Champa. My Son reflexes its mystery in the art of lively fine sculpture and carving on bricks and stones.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

This traditional trade village one of the places to go in Hoi An no tourist should miss it. The little destination began its development in the 15th century and now is accommodating only more than 50 houses.

Walking through the vicissitudes of life, Thanh Ha village never gives up their aptitude and the great cultural legacy from their ancestors. You can find a host of jars, tiles, bricks, and pots here produced manually in a distinctive technique.

Cham islet

The locals call the place Cu Lao Cham. It’s where people come to embrace the blue ocean and its breath-taking nature.

If you follow a Hoi An day tour, it will take you to Cua Dai beach where you will catch a canoe to the other side of beauty.

Located in the Central Vietnam East Sea, Cu Lao Cham reserves the biosphere of purity which is home to a tranquil life and interesting marine life.

Coming to Cu Lao Cham, you will be attending the diversity of beach life, savoring fresh-caught seafood, and revel in the beauty of the underwater ecosystem.

An Bang Beach

Fill your list of places to visit in Hoi An this gorgeous local beach. Make yourself wake up to have a feast for your eyes in the wonder of sunrise.

It’s not just the sunrise that is worth to see here; you will also witness how people love exercising and inhaling the tangy scent of the ocean.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

If you are figuring out things to do near Hoi An, Tra Que village is a promising destination to boost your excursion.

With the concept of using organic fertilizers of river weed taken from the river in planting, Tra Que village produces the freshest and cleanest vegetables to serve their town people and Hoi An town. Villagers are proud to have carried on this business for 300 years.

What’s great is the village supply vegetables for all restaurants in the area, giving tourists a chance to dine with fine, chemical-free vegetables.

What to do in Hoi An

A few days in Hoi An may not be enough for those who seek to comprehend the essential parts of this place. But when you have little time to spend here, it’s possible to grasp the top 10 things to do in Hoi An.

In the day time

While there’s still light, Hoi An brags its stun in unobtrusive deeds. Just patter along the streets, it’s hard not to see the simplicity that implanted in the flesh and bone of people here.

Have breakfast at Hoi An Central market

Don’t let the bed glue you into it in the early morning and miss the early market in Hoi An. Markets the best place to have a glimpse of authentic Vietnamese life.

Hoi An Central Market sets along Thu Bon River banks and stays busy until dusk. Similar to any market in Vietnam, the place features vendors and buyers trading and haggling for all types of goods.

It’s a great time to fill your stomach with traditional dishes served fresh and hot right off the stove. Get yourself a bowl of Cao Lau or Pho with the broth jam-packed plenty of local spices and reap its very Vietnamese flavor as much as you can.

Attend a cooking class

If cuisine is your most favorite thing, it makes sense to follow a cooking class and learn to make authentic Vietnamese food.

Many classes in Hoi An will take you from picking the raw materials to preparing them. A class of 4-6 hours will provide you with sufficient knowledge to practice when you come back home.

Visit My Son Sanctuary

Morning is the best time to look back into the past where prosperity once presented in one of the capitals of Champa Kingdom. Time has put the existence of My Son into ruins, but those ancient buildings still reflex the deft skill and cleverness of old people.

Sunbath in An Bang beach

It would be a pity if coming to Hoi An without soaking up the sun in An Bang to gift yourself a sexy tanned skin. Not only the unspoiled beauty that is attractive, but An Bang beach also features spectacular views to the neighboring landscapes of Chu Lao Cham and Marble Mountain.

Ride a boat to Cu Lao Cham

Cham islet is a perfect place to refill some vitamin sea by merging in the pellucid water and savoring specialties offered solely on the island.

However, monsoonal months get water more aggressive, making the place not ideal for any water activity. So, make sure you come at the right from when it’s dry season here (March to September)

Bike around Hoi An

Join a group or cycle yourself around peaceful Hoi An. If you need a Hoi An tour guide, team up with local students and practice English with them in return. It’s a perfect way to get to know Hoi An and its outer parts. Not only that, don’t miss this chance to grab a bite on local food along the journey.

When the night falls

Nightlife is one of the attractions Hoi An has to offer. If day time is busy and dense, life after dusk is vibrant with glistering lanterns and the ancient impression in the heritage architecture.

Explore and Shop in Hoi An

It’s time to explore Hoi An on foot and make your way through the narrow streets to the Japanese Covered Bridge, Chuc Thanh Pagoda, Fujian Assembly Hall, and Hoi An Museum.

Hoi An’s shopping scene features quality tailoring services and handmade goods. It’s a great place for you to customize a suit at a negotiable price.

Dine a fine dinner

Restaurants in Hoi An carry the shades of vintage and nostalgia. If you walk about the old town, there is an array of lounges and bars on the ground floor combining with international and local diners. Most of them make an eating section on a balcony with a city view.

You can expect to dine with dishes of the West or authentic cuisine in a diverse restaurant collection or from any street-side food vendors.

Light up a lantern

If you proceed to the bustling riverside, it’s time you can place wishes and hope into the little candle inside a handmade lantern. Many lanterns together will shine bright the whole area.

Especially on a full moon day, the ancient town will turn off all electricity and rely on the flickering lights from the candles and lanterns. That makes the whole scene so unique and exclusive blending with music from street performers that will wake up a festive ambiance.

Ride to Da Nang

Da Nang at night is worth seeing no less than Hoi An itself. Since the places are neighboring each other, you can catch a cab and tour Da Nang and its famous bridges shining up after sunset right in the night.

Hoi An cuisine

Hoi An is not just about the sightseeing; culinary art is also the blue-eyed gospel. It would be a shame if coming to Hoi An and passing the delights of food here. No matter where it is, fancy restaurants or street food stall, you must get your tongue on these listed dishes.

Cao Lau

No one leaves to Hoi An, Quang Nam without basking the delicate flavor in a bowl of Cao Lau. The most traditional method to make Cao Lau is very elaborated. From the broth to fresh vegetable, each ingredient is selected in a meticulous way yielding a bowl of noodles braised pork offering a taste of quintessence.

Where to eat:

  • Ms. Ha: Hoi An central market, stall E035.
  • Ms. Thanh: 26 Thai Phien St.
  • 69 Phan Chau Trinh St.

$1 Banh Mi

Vietnam baguette is already famous, but Banh Mi in Hoi An has its own distinction. The secret is in the sauce extracted from braising pork. It’s a combination of multiple spices condensed in the thick and charming dip. When eating Banh Mi, fresh vegetables are indispensable.

Where to eat:

  • Banh mi Phuong: 2B Phan Chu Trinh St.
  • Banh mi Khanh: 115 Tran Cao Van St.
  • Banh mi Phi: 88 Thai Phien St.

Mi Quang – Noodles in Quang style

This typical dish has been causing fond missing in the heart of many visitors. The simple bowl of noodles coming with pork, chicken, beef, or shrimp topped with peanuts and rice crackers is just what you see. But behind the kitchen is a delicately preparing process. It is the broth that praises the magic of Mi Quang that gives a send-off taste you will never forget.

Where to eat:

  • Ms. Bich restaurant: 272 Hung Vuong St.
  • Street vendors on Thai Phien St.
  • Mr. Hai: 6A Truong Minh Luong.

Black sesame soup

Local people call this soup Xi Ma, a thick soup made from black sesame, pennywort, and a portion of Chinese medicine. Its black color may not look attractive, but the taste is exceptional. This popular dessert is incredible tasty after meals and offered at a super low price.

Where to eat:

  • Nguyen Truong To St
  • Nguyen Thai Hoc, Tran Phu, Le Loi streets at night

When to travel to Hoi An

The weather is not so complicated in Hoi An. There are only two seasons in which the wet one is from October to February. The rest of the time, Hoi An stays dry and humid from February to April. This time has the ideal temperature for any outdoor activity.  In May and August, it’s hotter than most months of the year but very suitable for a sun bath in the morning and splashing in the sea.

There is a storm season when typhoons usually occur. From late October to mid-December, you will see Hoi An flooded in some areas. But Hoi An now has developed its infrastructure to serve tourism better. You can check with the forecast for the latest situation if your itinerary falls on those months.

Tips when traveling to Hoi An

Coming to Hoi An, it is best to have a Hoi An guide to help you around. Hoi An tour operators are also reliable.

Beetrip is one of the top choices of tourists when coming to Hoi An. We have conducted tours and pleased groups of Hoi An visitors. We also provide supporting services such as Visa, local SIM Card, transfer tickets to guarantee you the best trip to Hoi An ever.

Other than that, we’ve got some tips to put in your pocket.

Currency Exchange

If you bring dollars, it’s possible to exchange in any certified booth in the Airport or bank around the city. Make sure the place you exchange money is an official office with verification or else, it’s illegal to trade money in any invalid shop.

SIM Card

It’s quite helpful to have a SIM Card that can call because you will need to call your hotel, tour agency, or emergency. Get the SIM with cellular data of high speed and storage; you will need the internet to access online maps or search for information.

Dress code

When visiting the pagoda, temples, or a sacred area, it’s respectful to wear anything that covers below your knees. No camisole or naked back to holy places. You can bring a big scarf to cover the scanty skin.

Get a taxi

There are taxi scams reported when tourists have to overpay the distance. So, before you get in a cab, make sure it’s from a reliable company like Mai Linh, Vinasun, Faifoo, Tiên Sa, and Sun Taxi.

Even with these cabs, you must check the information of the driver, then ensure he hits the meter or at least you should haggle the fixed price to go to your place. You can check the distance on google maps.

Another way to get proper commuting is by booking Grab Car. The service is quite popular and reliable now in Vietnam.

Bring your sun cream

Sunlight in any season is hazardous to your skin. So, bring your sun cream all the time because you will be likely to cycle or walk under the sun all day. Also, tropical weather will dry out the moisture in your skin very soon. That said, it’s safe to have a moisturizer to protect your skin in the situation too.

Keep yourself hydrated

Traveling under the sun will drain you quickly. While there are convenient shops everywhere but you should carry your personal bottle to reduce the use of plastic bottles as well as pull it out anytime you need.

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